Jean Hubert VALCOURT, known as Dug G, was born September 10, 1982 in Port-de-Paix. Radio host, in July 1999, he will realize a musical show “Rap’Rocher” on the air of “Planèt Kreyòl” to promote the Creole rap. This show was one of the most listened to his time. Rapper of the group “Rockfam Lame a” his pseudonym Dug G comes from the name of his father Duguay, and the G GRAND referring to his vision.

Born to a photographer father, radio presenter, electrician and former director of the Office of HRE (Port-de-Paix) and the National Malaria Eradication Service (NEMS), former president of Scout (Capois La Mort) and Haitian Red Cross (Northwest) and a mother typist office secretary, he is the eldest of five (5) children of the union and Margarette EUGENE Duguay Michel Valcourt. From the age of 12, his father being paralyzed, their grandmother and their courageous mother, willing to sacrifice her children, raised two (2) brothers and two (2) sisters.

Married and divorced, he is the father of two children Sael (boy) and Carenne (girl) he loves immensely.


Former student of the school of the Brothers of Christian Instruction of St. Joseph Port-de-Paix, he will enthrall for broadcasting and music, including rap that will influence its personality from a young age.

His father, very strict, did not allow him to rap. Admitted Secondary College Notre-Dame de Lourdes and during school elections, they made the discovery of his talent rapper when he was in class 7th Year Basic. After his performance, the “Cosmic Rap Boys” group of young people from college selected him. His father was ill, her mother had forbidden her to do music, but in their absence, he repeated at home with her other classmates. His first adventure was short-lived as it was forced to leave the group because of his mother’s demands.

With Lova Man and Young MC, he founded his second group “Lova Man And His Crew” which was very popular in Port-de-Paix. Unfortunately, these friends had to leave the country because their university studies in the USA. He made many attempts to recreate it, but it was in vain. And finally, he created “OSMOZ” with Alkali, Fenix and Snoopy. Unfortunately Dug g and Snoopy were forced to go to

Port-au-Prince to begin university studies. Wanting to follow in the footsteps of his father, he had attempted to integrate broadcasting and started as operator to the radio 4VTS to Port-de-Paix. He then co-hosted “Etincelle Show” along with Gregory Poitevien on the “Radio Etincelle”.
In Port-au-Prince, he experienced his greatest success in the world of creole rap. “Rap’Rocher” of Anchorman broadcast on the radio “Planèt Kreyol,” he has contributed with other Hosts, MCs and beat

makers in raising the creole rap at the end of 2004 (production deficiency). Therefore, he launched definitively in the music business. With Knaggz and other friends, they form the group RockFam Records and Entertainment to promote the Creole rap. It thus began his adventure with RockFam Lame a.
In 2009, he participated in the film “Les Talents de la rue” under the nickname of “Kenny”. Produced by Robenson Lauvince, this film tells the story of a talent to youth group who spent most of their time being insulted for their music. Then one day, they met a patron who has opened the path to success.

In July 2011 there was a divorce between Dug-G and Rockfam Lame a. And during the same year, he led the way for reconciliation by posing with one of the biggest music opponents “Izolan”. It was a big step towards the unification of handkerchiefs Black and Red, symbol of freedom.


In early 2005, the creole rap experienced its boom. Co-founder of the group “Rockfam Lame a”, Dug G had established itself as one of the giants of rap movement in Haiti. He was one of the emblematic figures of the group and one of the most popular rappers of the movement. He had made three albums with the band, and has collaborated with many other rappers Haitians in Haiti and elsewhere.

Former President DHAC Record for Haiti’s section, the label that produced the first album Rock Fam in 2007 “Saw paka konprann”. He participated in five carnivals music of the group and also participated in the success in the 2009 carnival with his group has been very successful both in Haiti and abroad for its various participations in concerts and festivals (Rap Rocher, Indepenpance USA festival, Compas Fest. USA, Festival Immaculee etc.) Moreover, the group is renowned for its quality live performances.

In 2009, his first solo music video for his hit “Men Vibe la” was a success. And in December 2010, he made the sale signing of his first solo album “Kenbe m si w kapab,” one of the most popular of the time, with hits such as:


Thirsty for music, in August 2012, he produced his first mixtape whose title comes from his first solo success, “Men vibe la.” He redoubled vibe with include:

Waiting for the release of his second solo album, Dug-G will produce a second mixtape. In July 2013, less than a year, he released the “2.0 Reloaded Mixtape”

  • –  Men vibe la
  • –  Jou m pata la (feat Gazzman couleur)
  • –  10 goud papye
  • –  Tankou manman
  • –  10 goud papye [remix] (feat : DRZ, Abojah, K-libr)
  • –  All my zoe (feat : O Gun)
  • –  Kon’n sa wap di [Lib kolabo] (feat : Skellet)
  • –  Kenbe M’ Si W’ Kapab (Remix) [feat. Jawes, Wendyyy, Positif & Steves J Bryan]
  • –  I dont like
  • –  Enstwi mantal
  • –  PIWO Cypher

To the surprise of all, June 19, 2014, Dug-G and Bricks (Barikad Crew) will produce one of the most listened songs of the year “Mafia Blood,” which announced the upcoming release of the second album of Dug-G.


To enhance the musical promotion and the promotion of new talent, he could set up a production company:


  • –  PIWO Records and Entertainment
  • –  PIWO manufacturing
  • –  And create multiple sites promoting

(www.hiphop509.com, www.hiphop509radio.com)

  • –  Saw pa ka konprann (Rockfam Lame a)
  • –  Yon lot vizyon (Rockfam Lame a)
  • –  Pa gen pase’n (Rockfam Lame a)
  • –  Kenbe’m si’w kapab (Dugmatiste Vol.1) December 26, 2010
  • –  Men Vibe la (Mixtape) August 11, 2012
  • –  2.0 Reloaded (Mixtape) July 20, 2013
  • –  Bon komisyon (Dugmatiste Vol.2) December 13, 2014
  • –  Plis Motivasyon (PIWO Records & Mafia RepubliQ) December 26, 2015
  • –  The Remixtape (Mixtape) February 14, 2016